Why Use Short Codes?

Short Codes are easy-to-remember 5- or 6-digit numbers that allow consumers to interact with media outlets, brands, retailers, governments and all kinds of other organizations via text messaging. Short Codes are also often used by brands to communicate with customers or users. For example, financial institutions can offer the option to opt-in to receive alert alerts and suspected fraud warnings, email service providers can send users 2-factor authentication codes for ID validation, and airlines can provide customers with flight updates.

A Short Code becomes a “Common Short Code” (CSC) when the same code is activated across multiple mobile networks, instead of just on one carrier’s network, which greatly extends its reach to many more mobile customers.

Common Short Codes can support high-volumes of messages with optimal deliverability. Because Short Code traffic travels across a specific network, Content Providers are able to view the delivery status of a message to know whether the message is successfully delivered to the end user’s handset.