Current Short Code Programs


To opt-out of a program, text STOP to the Short Code number*.
For more information on a program, text HELP or INFO to the Short Code number*.

*Keywords are not case sensitive

Should you require any additional information, please contact


Mobile Giving Programs

To view a list of the current Mobile Giving Programs, click here


Text Message Programs

SC_NumberProgram Name_enLINK_enphoneemail
110Google Verification
811HealthLink BC 811
10000Apple Repair Communication
10029SONiC 102.9 Text Line
10030MAJIC 100
10099Shortcuts Notifications and Reminders1-866-678-7324
10101Microsoft Apps 1-800-642-7676
10111OVH Alerts and 2FA
10290102.9 K-Lite
10456SONiC Radio Text Line
10490MAX 104.9
1051993.9 The River & 89X
10530Fox 105.3 FM
10570105.7 EZ Rock
10690106.9 Capital FM
10800AM 800
10888Cookie Jam
10939The River 93.9 FM
11007Rythme FM 1057
11011SimplyCast.ca 1-866-323-6572 x 2
11029Radio M 102.91-888-883-0363
11053Kool 105.3
11111BC Transit Next Bus
11690TSN 690 (Montreal)
11977CHOM FM
12323SmartMom 1-855-871-BABY (2229)
12345Rogers Return To Work SMS
12360Impact Mobile General Use
12500CBU Student
12822IBV Alerts
12826ATCO Messaging Alerts 1-800-668-2248
13333Advanis SMS
13355Dell Customer Communications
14445Comdata Canadian Payment Alerts 1-855-823-8859
14686GTL Payment
14767IQOS Informationhttps://www.IQOS.COM 1-800-304-4033INFO@IQOS.CA
15938Lyft Notifications
18337REM SEC
18881Costco Text To Purchase1-888-531-8881
20111RTM Canada
20202Service de messagerie texte pour arrêter le tabac (SMAT)
20205SITA Baggage
20222Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
20873Microsoft Azure Notifications1-800-642-7676
20993Apple Customer Care Survey (IS&T) 1-800-263-3394
21023Jack 102.3 London
21093DocuSign Alerts
21166211 Ontario Information and Referral 1-855-466-4994
21239PNC Pinacle Notifications (Demo)
22000Google Verification1-877-355-5787
22015Yext Info Alerts
22022Nova Scotia Alerts1-866-323-6572
22100Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 1-450-357-2098 x
22203ABC Billing
22204ABC Billing
22222CBC News On Demand
22223Amazon Flex1-888-280-4331
22233Rogers Collections Alerts1-855-704-7981
22237Société de Transport du Saguenay
22244Fashion Nova
22254Carfinco Alerts
22322Hudson's Bay SMS Program
22333IMIverify - 2FA/
22336FedEx Delivery Manager Canada Notifications1-800-463-3339
22345DHL Delivery
22360Desjardins360 Advice
22444Service de Notification interne
22475Herbalife Alerts
22531MyVanilla Alerts1-855-686-9513
22550Sports Clips
22555Nissan Canada
22666Boom 104.1 FM
22767Air Canada 2FA 1-833-835-1444
22777Service de Notification confirmation de Rende-vous
22797Fortis Alberta Alerts
22872Acura SMS Alerts 1-888-946-6329
22884Beehive FSE Alert
22898Blackboard Connect1 800 769 2535
23000Ancestry Alerts
23332Telematics Alerts
23333Sinch Marketing
23334Google Photos
23456SBTCA Alerts 1-800-979-1212
23623Adobe Customer Support & Care
23636Aéroport de Montréal
23743AEO Aerie Mobile Alerts
23837Afterpay Notifications & Verification
24247Intact Claims SMS Program1-866-464-2424
24255Affirm Payment and Reminders Alerts 1-855-423-3729
24365Intact Insurance Claims 1-866-464-2424
24470Sinch Demos
24587John Tesh Alerts
24680ICF Next Generic Programs
24722HSBC Activation Code and Passcode Reset 1-800-975-4722
24742IDent 1-888-846-6939
24841Citi Canada Customer Account Alerts1-877-667-6152
24842Citi Canada Customer Account Alerts1-877-667-6152
24870Xpedite Systems Alerts
24984Capital One Commercial Fraud Alerts 1-877-383-4802
25000Refresh Financial Alerts 1-800-746-4840
25168TD Financial Alerts
25226Radio Station SMS
25252PetSmart Mobile Club1-877-834-9566
25255Cargill MarketSense
25356SMS Library Alerts
25361ALDO Communications
25370Trapeze Transit
25378Voyent! Alerts
25379Alert Solutions Notification System 1-800-929-1643
25525Sciensio EventBot
25555Locator and Notification System
25624In-Home Design Service Alerts 1-800-253-3267
25663Canadian Blood Services
25678Groupe Dynamite Alerts 1-888-882-1138
25827CallFire Small Business Messaging 1-800-753-5732
25835Blue Jays Alerts
25938Lyft Split Pay Alerts
26000Chico’s Mobile Alerts
26266United Airlines
26278Coast Capital Savings Alerts 1-888-517-7000
26311ERMS Text Alerts
26336AHS Code Orange Physician Communications
26390American Express CardMember Credit Alerts 1-800-567-2639
26393American Express CardMember Fraud Alerts 1-800-869-3016
26421Success Factor notification
26771Boss Revolution
26929Amway Order
27022ARO INC
27283Crate and Barrel Canada Order Notifications 1-888-780-5873
27323Our Daily Bread Ministries
27359Chase Mobile Checkout 1-800-934-7717
27460KREDITshare Alerts 1-877-473-8914
27767Aeroplan1 800 361 5373
27839Salesforce Notifications1-855-590-0010
28200ATB Financial Alerts1-866-816-4017
28211ATB Employee Alerts1-866-816-4017
28261ATCO Gas
28359Allied Air
28482Aviva Canada Notifications
28643Bunge Customer Alerts
28661Atom Movie Release Alerts
28682CustomerTouch Mobile Alert Service 1-800-829-5231
28767Salesforce Notifications1-855-590-0010
28776TAS Message Alert
28777USPS Text Tracking1-800-222-1811
28778Burst SMS
28867Raange Mobile
29002Olive Garden 1-877-834-9566
29222Oakville Transit On Demand Service1-905-337-9222
29273Worldcue Notifications
29375GFS Deals
29873Microsoft Cloud Service or
29916AccuWeather Warnings1-800-566-8600
30001DemandForce Alerts 1 800 246 9853
30002DemandForce Alerts 1 800 246 9853
30200GM OnStar Alerts 1-888-466-7827
30333Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
30364HelloWorld SMS
30400GM OnStar Alerts 1-888-466-7828
30486BF Goodrich Tradesman
30500Onstar Vehicle locate (888) 376-6115
30597Edward Jones Alerts1-800-441-2357
30925Customer Communications 1-800-206-0393
30939Xpedite Info Alerts
31011Equifax One Time Passwords1-888-512-2386
31053Kiss 105.3 Ottawa
31100Edmonton Transit Text Messaging Service 311 (in Edmonton)
31256OnDemand Rewards Club 1-888-702-8350
31415ReCollect Alerts
32075Q2SOFT SMS1-833-444-3469
32281In The Chat Universal
32453AE Mobile Messages
32526CRF Health Study Notifications
32665Facebook Notifications
32765Facebook 2FA Notification
32793Easy Drugs Order
32843ClaimSecure Messaging 1-888-513-4464
32858Authentify SMS
32997Melaleuca Alerts
32998Indochino Alerts 1-855-334-0788
33033Sunwing Travel Alerts 1-888-
33133Codems Promotional Texto
33233Bronto Promotional Alerts1-888-276-6861
33322Elite Email Mobile
33333Translink 1-604-953-3333
33334Translink UPASS Reminder
33335Translink Alerts
33336Amazon Flex1-888-280-4333
33337Amazon Flex1-888-280-4334
33339FedEx Customer Connections (FCC)1-800-GoFedEx
33433Briggs & Stratton Promo Alerts
33444Service de Notification Alerte info
33445Linen Chest Order Alerts1-800-363-3832
33456iA Auto Finance1-855-378-5626
33555Linen Chest Promos1-800-363-3832
33733Tatango Mobile Marketing 1-888-517-6345
33779Ferry Alerts1-877-787-7483
34268IMIconnect Demo Testing
34333Teligence Number Request - Interactive Male
343433Ci Alerts
34522DHL Customer Alerts 1-855-434-5345
34626Credit Alerts 1-888-319-9343
34778MemberDirect® Mobile Services: 1st Calgary 1-800-951-3039
34960Werner Drivers
34970Schneider Electric Alerts
35260Equifax Workforce Solutions OTP
35342ComoSense 44 020 3150
35350Telus Customer Support1-866-558-2273
35351Telus Customer Support1-866-558-2273
35352Telus Customer Support1-866-558-2273
35353Telus Customer Support1-866-558-2273
35354Telus Customer Support1-866-558-2273
35539Access Online Enhanced Security Authentication 1-800-588-8065
358422sms Service Messaging
35938Lyft Express Pay Alerts
36246Open Table App Alerts
36300Budget Mobile Alertshttps://www.budget.com1-800-480-1248
36361Dollar Financial 1-800-979-1212
36374Google Trusted Contacts
36629Smart Customer Notifications
36722EOS Canada Inc.
36787NFC Wallet
36820Rapid Response Demo Alerts
37011Porter Airlines Flight
37267EPCOR Outage Alerts
37427MCAP Alerts18002652624
37483Lyft Driver Alerts
37607PollEverwhere-Ongoing EDU-CA
38008Comerica Bank Notifications
38383DoSomething Campaign Alerts Pwrd by Mobile Commons
38473Fountain Tire
38483Evite Account Alerts
38667Salesforce Notifications1-855-590-0010
38672SWN Alerts
38687GM Online Service Scheduling
38732Nordstroms Product
38773FedEx Tracking Notifications1-800-GOFedEx
38792Great Clips Wait Time Alerts1-800-473-2825
39356London Drugs Alerts 1-888-991-2299
39769E-Z Pass New York 1-800-333-8655
39800Ardene Alerts 1-866-322-4442
41010Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
42424ICICI Canada
42732Garda internal staff alert
43796ADP Messaging Notifications
45645Suicide Prevention Serivce Chat1-833-456-4566
45678Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
48400Avis Mobile Alerts 1-800-480-1248
50303Stackdriver Alerts
50408Apple Customer Care Call Back Reminders800-275-2273
50472Apple High Security 1-800-632-7753
50555Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
50579doTERRA Product Alerts 1-800-411-8151
50597Edward Jones Alerts1-800-441-2357
51004Home Zone TTS
51235Cargill Ag Supply Chain Alerts
51515Irving Consumer Products Limited
51617Capital One Test/Demo
51767Fairstone Alerts (French)1-866-915-9423
51809Aislelabs +1 (647)
51922Canadian Tire Alerts
52022Jacada Visual IVR
52187TREB Listing Info 1-844-243-9301
52218BMO Bio
52253Desjardins – RSA Token Delivery1-800-224-7737
52267Revolution Messaging Alerts 
52278InstacartAlerts 2
52484Citibank India Marketing
52500iTechTool Alerts
52579Loblaws Pharmacy1-800-296-2332
52585TD Banking Alerts1-888-751-9000
52786Société de Transport de Montréal 1-514-786-4636
52998Laura Style Rewards Program
53533Fifth Third Direct
53535PetSmart Grooming Alerts1-877-834-9566
53633Haventree Bank Alerts
538112-Way SMS CSD Technician to Internal Agent
538122-Way SMS CSD Technician to Internal Agent
53813e.Bill Adoption at Activation
54111Marriott Svc Req
54123Canadian Tire Bank Fraud Alerts
54321Bell Media Radio
54379MB Canada MMC PIN Verification
54398Google Firebase
54545IHG Alerts
54555TELUS Appointment Reminder310-2255
54559Eli Lilly Canada Mobile
55061Salesforce Outage
55090Abbvie - Patient Support Program (PSP)1-844-355-2228
55155Microsoft Verification
55180Waste Management Operations Alerts
55255Canadian Labour Congress Mobile Alerts
55387Walden University Campus Alerts1-888-849-6231
55525Protalus Alerts 1-844-293-7265
55550Permanent TSB 2-Factor Authentication+353 1 212 4101
55555Canada Post Survey
55572Amazon Gift Card 1-866-216-1072
55626Dell CMA1-866-237-5570
55695Tanger Alerts 1-800-480-1248
55735SuccessFactors Notification
55754Ultimate Pro Community Alerts
55980Agora Product
56000GM App
56237Salesforce Marketing Cloud Alerts
56275Complete Storage Asurion Claim Services SMS1-844-574-1839
56563GM Information Alert 1-888-337-2400
56565Cash Money Product Alerts
56695BMO BHOB Alerts 1-800-363-9992
56696Azure Service Alerts1-888-511-3586
56765Skip The Dishes Delivery Notifications
56789CKNO-FM Mobile Services 1-877-869-8883
56824Cochlear Updates
57000Manaya Marketing
57011CBS Canada
57555Grand River Transit 1-519-585-7555
57621JPMC Alerts1-800-316-6056
57685Ticketmaster Alerts 1-855-985-4357
57891ATB Mastercard One Time Passcode and Consumer Preference Alerts
58123TMG Fraud Alerts
58369Apple iCloud Support Device Verification 1-800-263-3394
58585StaffStat Alerts
58623Triton Insurance1-800-285-8623
58682Marriott International Reservation Confirmation1-844-631-0594
58799DCU Text
58888Young Drivers of Canada SMS
58896Listrak Development1-877-362-4556
59122VCA Healthcare
59380Lyft Driver Notifications
59381Lyft SMS Campaign
59382Lyft Passenger Referrals
59383Lyft Driver Campaign Alerts
59384Lyft Marketing Pioneer Alerts
59385Lyft Applicant Alerts
59386Lyft Applicant Alerts
59387Lyft Coupon Alerts
59388Lyft Verification
59389Lyft Passenger Alerts
59422Pershing Identity Verification Code
59525Pitney Bowes
59559KWKLY Info Alert
59684Pure Romance Alerts
59874Purolator Alerts1-888-SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123)
60000City of Kingston Alerts 1- 888-849-6231
60194AWS Mobile Alerts
60230Applied Insurance Help Alerts
60231Applied Systems Account Updates
60232Applied Systems Marketing Alerts
60597Edward Jones Alerts1-800-441-2357
60606CIBC System Outage
60617Microsoft Office Alerts and Promotions 1-800-642-7676
61010NEWSTALK 610
61213Rouge FM
62135ATB Financial 2FA1-800-332-8383
62226NBA Canada News &
62424Concordia University SMS Program
62506Antenna Software
62569Sinch Internal Test Code
62621MBNA 3Ds One Time Password Notifications 1-800-983-8472
62622TD Customer Assistance Transformation Program (CAT)1-888-664-0405
62682Manulife Bank Apple Pay for Credit Cards 1-844-323-7053
62743Enbridge Gas
62900ATEB Pharmacy Alerts
63018Authentify SMS
63132Thomson Reuters Update
63422MDGAlerts 1-800-906-0976 ext.
63797Newfoundland Power Alerts 1-800-474-5711
63966Nexmo Info Alerts
63977Odyssey Alerts1-888-661-9823
64123Ville de Quebec
64241Apple High Security1-800-MYAPPLE (1-800-692-7753)
64726MoneyGram Transaction Alerts 1-800-666-3947
64827Koupon Media Alerts
65433Manulife Visual IVR
65493NL Hydro Alerts1-888-737-1296
66222Air Canada Info And Alert program 1-888-247-2262
66322American Airlines ONEAA Alerts
66370David’s Bridal Canadian Alerts
66639MemberDirect® Mobile Services: Mt. Lehmen 1-877-762-5252
66766Teligence number Delivery 1-800-498-1288
67076CallFire Small Business Messaging 1-213-221-2289
67111MJR Alerts
67262PC Financial Alerts Engine 2
67281MemberDirect® Mobile Services: North Shore 1-888-713-6728
67283Rave Alert
67299Circlepix Home
67326Microsoft Family 1-800-642-7676
67585My Prepaid Center Alerts
67766Red Lobster Fresh Alerts 1-844-788-7525
67826Oshawa Power
67873Cypher Alerts
67879Vancity Alerts1-855-648-5192
68359Netflix Verification
68472Visa Mobile
68787Specialty Health networks 1-855-454-3800
68808ForeSee Survey Invitations1-877-224-9282
68875Waste Management Alertshttps://www/
69050ISS 24/7
69677My Nova Scotia Power Alerts
69877UPS SMS Tracking 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877)
69949My Mobi Alerts1-844-794-4168
70000Regroup Mass
70161IMI Surveys 1-877-869-8883
70403PulseM Account Alerts
70612PNC Bank Fraud Alerts (Demo)
70707Popeye's Supplements
70734iVision Mobile Alerts1-888-655-5302
71010Newstalk 1010
71125Pampered Chef Consultant
71234Daily Inspiration 1-888-537-6600
71403Photoregister Link
71616Transat Flight Status
71844Hyundai Capital Customer and Dealer Journeys
72000Mobit Technology Alerts
72152JP Morgan eCare Verification 1-800-477-0406
72226Comark Brand
72233McDonald's Service Cafe Chat Alerts
72273PayPlan by RBC1-844-983-0515
72300PC Financial Alerts Engine
72306FRAM Alerts 1-800-890-2075
72363SCENE Mobile Programs
72438FiveStreet Alerts
72455PricewaterhouseCoopers SMS Authentication Service
72468Sherwin-Williams Alerts
72511RTC Info 1-418-627-2351
72648Scene Alerts
72682Scotiabank Info Alerts (Testing)1-800-472-6842
72722SuccessFactors Job Alerts1-800-219-7835
72727Optik TV Web Payment SMS Access
72842Scotiabank Info
72855Thoughtexchange Alerts
72891Allstate Roadside Alerts
73101AtHoc Alerts
73102AtHoc Alerts
73456Canadian Tire Bank Payment Reminders 1-800-459-6415
73513Primerica Alerts
73637Shoppers Drug Mart Alerts 1-800-SHOPPER
73679Shoppers Drug Mart Alerts
73774PepsiCo Order Reminders
73777MemoText Health
73785HSBC Alerts 1-888-662-4722
73889PagerDuty Alerts
74000Calgary Transit - SMS for Bus Times
74060Fidor Bank Verification and Banking Alerts
74100Calgary Transit Watch 1-403-537-7777, option 4
74249SuccessFactors Solution Experience Notifications
74747Cash Money Alerts
74920PayPass Mobile Verification
74992Raange Mobile Marketing
75223The Children's Place Text Alerts 1-877-827-7895
75598Customer Communications 2 1-800-206-0393
75709Reitmans Promo Alerts1-866-734-8626
75775Primerica Mobile Policy Alerts
75837Fairstone Alerts (English)
75880Preparis Corporate
75939WFG Alerts
76000Raging Bull1-833-498-5428
76038Marriott SMS Notifications 1-866-704-2411
76200PNC Bank
76201PNC Bank Fraud Alerts
76278TELUS Home Monitoring Alerts 1-855-835-8788
76279Asurion Claim
76280Asurion Fraud Canada1-866-213-2143
76437Rogers Bank Fraud Alerts855-775-2265
76537PokerStars SMS Canada
76687Raange Mobile Verification 1-888-453-7889
76898Precision Nutrition
76937BC Hydro Outage Reporting Service
76947McMaster Carr Customer
77000Amazon Web Services 
77001Amazon Web Services 
77003Vocomo Micro (mCommerce)
77007Service de notification interne
77077Raange Client Marketing
77222RMS Text Alerts
77275Schlumberger Benefit 
77289Fiserv Clover Capital Lending Underwriting Program for
77333Reliance Alerts
77477Emma (Epic Mountain Assistant)
77492Canadian OTP
77577Upland Mobile Demo Alerts1-855-944-7526
77587Calgary Parking - SMS for Parking Meters
77598TicketMaster Mobile Alerts1-800-653-8000
77666IMImobile General Use
77777Upside Wireless Group Messaging 1-877-684-7474
77865Greater Giving Online Bidding
77976iA Dealer Quote Alerts
77982TD Canada Trust Mobile Banking 1-888-751-9000
78000Amazon Updates
78001Amazon Gift Card
78225STACK Mobile Wallet 2FA Verification1-877-782-2501
78246HSBC Customer Information Review1-866-808-4722
78378Questrade 2FA
78447Hydro Québec Interruption planifiées program
78633Skin Vitality Promo Alerts 1-877-356-7776
78636SUN FM Network
78669Sunrise CU Alerts1-888-289-3097
78674Red Robin
78737Real Canadian Superstore Alerts
78740iTechTool Alerts
78789Insightrix Mobile
78839Acurian Study Alerts
78887TELUS Call Centre1-844-372-8559
78888Idside Echo
78997Suzy Shier
79000Bell Tech 1-866-301-1942
79001Nexmo 2FA and Info Services
79002TD General Alerts
79005ATB Alerts1-866-282-4932
79012Akinox COVID-19 Response
79013Mimecast Verification Code 1-800-660-1194
79015WhatsApp notifications
79018Expedia Canada
79020Karma Casting talent@karmacasting.Com
79022USBC Online Account Servicing (DEP) Notifications1-888-561-8861
79023FIS Transaction Fraud Alerts-OTP-3DS
79025Amazon Web Services Testing1-888-280-4331
79026Amazon Web Services Testing1-888-280-4331
79027MBNA General Alerts
79028TD Testing & Development 1-866-222-3456
79032LHSC Beep
79034COVID Near
79035COVID Test Result
79099MB Canada MMC App Download
79246OnShift Alerts 800
79438Swift SMS Alerts
79621Ford - New Vehicle Orientation
79726Sysco Food Order Alerts1-800-797-2627
80085Yelp WiFi
80100Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
80808Maple Leaf Food Alerts
80962IMIconnect Demo Testing
80989CIX (QA environment)866-570-7892
81018BerryLoyal Loyalty SMS Program
81035Homes & Land
81315FIS Card
81818Bimbo Canada Alerts
81961Apple ID Verification1-800-MYAPPLE
82105SWN Alerts
82754Varolii Alerts
82759PPG Canada Info1-800-463-7426
82772Azure Cloud Service Alerts1-888-511-3586
82800Raging Bull
82828Urban Behavior
82947Programme 2 facteurs d’authentification pour le Transport rémunéré par automobile de Revenu Québec
83201TD 3Ds One Time Password Notifications 1-800-983-8472
83220TD Auto Customer Assistance Transformation Program (CAT)1-833-430-1006
83221BombBomb Account Alerts
83228TD Customer Assistance Transformation (CAT) Program1-866-222-4146
83229TD Auto Customer Assistance Transformation Program (CAT)1-833-430-1006
83265TD Bank and Ally Bank Fraud Alerts 1-888-561-8861
83266TD USBC Financial Alerts
83273TD Consumer Protection Alerts1-855-512-4204
83356Apple ID Verification1-800-MYAPPLE
83372Apple Notification 1-800-692-7753
835822-Way SMS CSD Technician TELUS Customers
835832-Way SMS CSD Technician to TELUS Customers
835842-Way SMS CSD Technician to TELUS Customers
835852-Way SMS CSD Technician to TELUS Customers
83646AXA Assistance
83687Verifiy Phone SMS
83737SCSM Parking Alerts
83838TELUS 2-Factor Authentication 1-866-558-2273
84045Barcode Tickets 1-800-260-1299
84247Hydro Québec Notification
84285U-Haul Moving
84321Planning Center
84322THDC Live Engage Alerts
84437Giant Tiger Mobile SMS
84448Polo Factory Store
84731Tire Rack Order Alerts
84732Tire Rack
84848Bellissima Fashions 
85345JPMC Employee Health Checks
85377Mobile Real Estate
85437Urban Kids
85760CDYNE SMS Notify! 1-800-984-3710
85868Xapo Account 
85938RENTCafé Property Alerts
86289MemberDirect® Mobile Services: Vancity 1-888-826-2489
86301Vme Informational Alerts
86302Vme Informational Alerts
86452Voila Subscription and Promo
86669Tommy Hilfiger Alerts
86677Mobivity Text Alerts1-877-282-7660
86961SolutionReach Messaging
87175LexisNexis PIN Verification
87204Smiles Direct Club Alerts
87226Urban Planet
87265U.S. Bank CPS Account Alerts
87275University of Saskatchewan 1-306-966-4817
87363Showcase Mobile Marketing
87395Smiles Direct Club Products 800-681-0771
87402Access Online Enhanced Security Authentication UAT 1-800-588-8065
87541Varolii Alerts
87573AppCard Alerts 1-800-388-8433
87878Uno App Alerts
87888OM Health Tips
88000OJO’s Insights1-844-311-5325
88088Raange Mobile
88166HSBC Customer Information Review (OKYC)1-866-808-4722
88188Metrobus Texting 
88222Service de Notification Alerte info-produit
88233My WU Program Alerts
88411GM SVT Alerts
88667OLG Geo-location
88777My Club Eat & 
88800RTO (retired teachers of Ontario) Alerts
88811One-Intuit Identity 1-800-4IN-TUIT 
88846Next Bus Info
88880Canada Goose Outbound
88881Strategic Mapping Text Message System (SMTXT)
88899Scotia InfoAlerts 1-800-575-2424
88914Arbonne SMS Alerts1-800-272-6663
88988Textmunication Promo Alerts 1-800-677-7003
88998Western Union Alerts / Double Double Promotion 1-800-235-0000
88999Teligence Number Delivery - Livelinks
89007The Children’s Place Text
89033Edgewood Alerts
89074HelloWorld Text-For-Link
89273Tupperware SMS
89362Everbridge Critical Alerts 1-818-230-9562
89364Everbridge Critical Alerts 1-888-366-4911
89434TELUS Free Public Wi-Fi Registration
89822CWTA Demo
89844Insurance Hotline Alerts
89846GO Alerts 1-888-GET-ONGO
89859Kanetix Rate Alerts
89892Access Online Enhanced Security Authentication IT 1-800-588-8065
89898LendDirect Tip Alerts
90010Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline1-833-900-1010
90200Bell Media Radio Truro
90231AIB Promotional Alerts
90909NewLook Eyewear Group1-800-463-5665
90993Stratcom Alerts1-8442176495
90999Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
91011Business Professional Alerts
91098Visa Mobile Verification Code1-866-304-9108
91772Allegiant Flight Alerts
91919Amazon 'The Drop' Alerts 1-888-280-4331
91961Fleet Tracking 1-855-871-5500
92020Oakville Transit Bus Time Alerts 1-905-815-2020
92632Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
92887Hydro One Alerts 1-800-434-1235
9292592.5 The Beat Radio
93283Amazon Flex1-888-280-4334
93901Vibes Demo Code
94287Optus SMS
95678Walmart Canada Mastercard Fraud Alerts1-888-331-6133
96014StantecSecure News Alerts
96560Zolo Alerts
96669Nightline Mobile Payment (mCommerce)
96675Zoosk Alerts
96722City of Vancouver Alerts
96743TAS Message Alert
96774Edible Arrangements Employee Alerts
97656XPO Alerts
97861Rent Cafe Property Alerts
98000White House Black Market Alerts
98130CyberSource Alerts1-800-709-7779
98603RBC Bank Account
98666Red Robin Loyalty Alerts1-888-849-6231
98669World Vision Disaster Donations
98695Utility Texting
98696Experience Text Alertshttps://www.
98699Collabria Bank Apple Pay for Credit Cards1-855-341-4643
98764KeyBank Alerts
98789StrikeIron Alerts and Notifications 1-919-467-4545 x
9898598,5 FM
99199Infobip General
99538SRN Alerts
99666We Chat Verification Code
99821Kubra Demo1-800-766-6616
99999Virgin Radio
100000Carts Guru
100001Interac Email Money Transfer Notifications 1-888-238-6433
100100Rogers Service Message Alerts
100200IMImobile General Use Info
101010IMImobile General Use/Demo Code
101260Team 1260
102102102.1 The
103103Virgin Radio Winnipeg
103535QM/FM 103.5
103939Country 103.9 CISN
104104Virgin Radio Edmonton
104536CHUM FM
105105Country 105
106106FUNNY 1060
107010CFAX 1070
107300107.3 KOOL FM
107777Q107 Toronto
111222Shell Programs
111333IGA Air Miles SMS1-800-465-2139
112233TELUS Health OTP1-866-558-2273
121121Alberta Health
121200TSN 1200
121212IMImobile General Use
122190Manulife Bank Alerts
123123HairClub Alerts
123321Rogers AC Radio SMS
125800IG Wealth Management Alerts & Notifications1-888-746-6344
131313Rogers Queue Program1-888-764-3711
141414IMImobile Location Based Alerts
146632Honda SMS Alerts 1-888-946-6329
148274ivari Advisor
200200LASIK MD Reminders and Promotional Alerts
202020MyRogers App Download
222223Broker Bay (AWS)
222225B2B Consumer Preference Alerts 1-866-675-4370
222377IMImobile ACCESS
222669CAA ERS Alerts 1-800-CAA-HELP
222687Comerica Verification Service 1-800-852-3649
222973Non-Emergency SMS Reporting
223437Badger Daylighting Employee
225846Calvin Klein Alerts
226232Citi Commercial Cards 1-888-834-2484
227383Capital One FTEU Fraud Alerts
227448Cash4you Alerts 1-
227663Capital One
227898Capital One Alerts
228227Acura Canada
228767Cambrian SMS Mobile
230415Urgence Médicale Code
232323AMEX Internal Employee Program
233476People's Trust Consumer Preference Alerts
234567Verify Phone SMS
235578Bell Customer Notification1-800-668-6878
236737AE RTB
239664Bed Bath & Beyond Info Alerts1-800-462-3966
242020LensCrafters Order Status Alerts 1-877-753-6727
242222CIBC VIP customer 1-866-454-4339
242223CIBC Online Banking Verification 1-888-872-2422
242224CIBC Payment Reminders1-844-276-2969
242225CIBC Client Notification SMS - Fraud Alerts 1-800-465-2422
242226CIBC Notifications
242227CIBC 2FA
242228CIBC NSF (Non Sufficient Funds)1-888-872-2422
242424Mirvish Alerts
242600Ikea Verification 1-800-661-9807
242643Alavida Alerts 1-888-315-3634
247253Bathroom Bear Alerts
247262Airbnb Alerts
247365Enercare Maintenance Reminders 1-866-536-2913
248422Citi Multi Factor Authentication1-888-435-7612.
248423Citi Direct 1-877-531-3054
248988City Television SMS
252252Atlantic Lottery SMS Program1-800-561-3942
254729Alipay OTP Service 1-865-719-5188
256447Google Verification
258258ONTX – Distress and Crisis Text
262258NBC Credit Card Info1-888-835-6281
262781Coast Capital Savings CU
262873NBC Authentication - BNC Authentification1-888-483-5628
262898Banque Nationale du Canada Alerts1-888-286-8799
262966Amazon Updates 1-866-216-1072
263333Raange Mobile Marketing
263928AMEX Travel Alerts 1-800-528-4800
266222BMO Corporate Credit Card Alerts
266669BMO Alerts 1-888-340-2265
266767Bank of Montreal Two-Step Authentication1-877-CALL-BMO
266869Bonvoy Alerts
266898BMO Alerts
267322Scotiabank Verification
267674Scotiabank Customer Account Reminder 1-800-472-6842
267937CardTronics Mobile Deployment
268257Bouclair Inc Promos 1-800-268-2524
269269Rogers Country Radio SMS
269424Amazon Hiring Alerts
269922Amway Marketing
272273Apple Care Voice Pass 1-800-275-2273
272387Mary Maxim Alerts
272727Canada Post
274637SMS Crime Tips
275728MemberDirect Mobile Service : Steinbach Credit Union 1-800-728-6440
278472Visa Debit Processing Services One-Time Passcode1-303-389-7816
278473Carnival Cruise Line Cruise Alerts 1-800-227-6482
282000ATB Access Code
284636Infonancial Mobile Banking
286648AVON SMS1-800- 265-2866
287898Winnipeg Transit
288288Magnet Mobile General Use Short Code
289784IZOD Alerts1-877-561-8045
292929Call-Em-All Alerts
297687AMEX One-Time Verification Code 1-800-869-3016
302010ENMAX Customer 
303030Apple FaceTime/iMessage Registration1-800-275-2273
306288Bell Media Saskatchewan - CTV
306411Saskatchewan Mobile Phonebook
306772SaskPower Alerts1-888-355-5589
311867Toronto Service Status Notification
313131Ivrnet Mobile Information
314314Amazon Flex1-888-280-4332
323232Manitoba Hydro Notifications 1-888-624-9276
324636Durham College
326459IKEA Family1-866-866-4562
327855Eastlink SMS1-888-345-1111
331169TradeRev News
332211Mon Vigil
333333Lowe's Canada 
337502Desjardins Alertes
337503Desjardins Fraud Prevention Alerts
337504Desjardins VCAS OTP 2FA Service
337527Desjardins Insurance Mobile Application
337898Goeasy Alerts1-888-502-3279
343200TELUS FIFA Internal1-855-200-9434
362673Encore Auto Finance Alerts
363636Pizzaville Marketing & Ordering Alerts
363749BC Hydro
366322GoodFood Market Account Notifications and Verifications
370370Driving Success Mobile Alerts & Offers
372265EQ Bank
372898Equitable Bank Alerts1-888-334-3313
373766Freson Bros. SMS
374557No Frills Alerts 1-844-295-8219
377777Info Groupe
387407407 ETR Customer Care1-866-237-6471
393939EZ Texting Message Alerts
432584eHealth Ontario 2FA1-866-364-4373
463446Indigo Alerts
466453Google SMS
468472Visa Mobile
500500IMImobile Demo Testing
505050Apple Notifications & Customer Care (IS&T) 1-800-275-2273
511268AMT Alerts & Infos 1-888-702-8726
511785STL Synchro
514800CJAD Montreal
516511Titanium Alerts 1-866-914-5863
522265Laurentian Bank Consumer Preference Alerts 1-800-252-1846
526462Brokers Lamina
536536LEO Surveys and
536669Lennox Promotional
543457Kiehl's 1-844-293-7265
551442Appointment Master Update
555000SuccessWebsite® SMS
555333ENMAX Energy (Marketing) 
555555Rogers Hit Radio SMS
560560OC Transpo - Bus Service Information 1-613-842-3600
562529Loblaw Weekly Deal
567567ELMNT Radio
567827Shore Points Rewards Alerts
568672ANIMO - Loto-Québec Scratch card - SMS Validation
576045Shoppers Drug Mart Promos1-866-727-6568
578277Five Stars Alerts
590590Sportsnet 590 The Fan Text Line 
606060IGAChatbot - EMOJIGA French
611611TELUS Customer Service611
624455McGill University Automated Notification Services
626201MBNA Mobile Status Alerts 1-877-719-7724
629687Maximus Systems
633633Televox SmartText
638253Ameublement Tanguay service de notification
647322MIR3 Alerts
650650Sportnet 650 SMS
653681Old Navy Deal Alerts
653687Old Navy Alerts,17385942,Footer_Customer_Service&clink=17385942 
663225Philips HealthCare
664600MogoFinance Notifications>
666666Bear 100.3
673801Microsoft Alerts
673802Microsoft Notification
673803Microsoft Notification
680680680 News
683963Canadian Tire Bank Alerts 1-800-459-6415
686677Vail Resort Communications
686868Kids Help Phone
687546Nu Skin Promotional
688699NuVoxx Demo Account1-888-968-8699
692274MemberDirect® Mobile Services: Prospera 1-888-884-4430
692639American Express Account Servicing Alerts
692826ATCO Energy SMS Bill Payment
694247HairClub Promotions 1-800-595-7632
697722Revenue Services of British Columbia1-877-405-4909
7112477- Eleven Alerts 1-877-561-8045
722247Alertes Maxi
722258RBC eAlerts
722265RBC Client Notification SMS 1-866-893-3295
722373RBC Fraud Notification SMS 1-800-361-0152
722467RBC Insurance1-800-769-2545
722652RBC Client Transactional Messaging1 800-769-2555
722722RBC Operations 1-866-733-8883
722898RBC Express Alerts 1-800-769-2535
723389AppArmour University Alerts
724665SchoolMessenger Notification Service
726337RBC Marketing
727727SAP Digital Interconnect Demo
729329CSF Receivables Management
729725PayPal Mobile Payments 1-888-221-1161
729729CIX Alerts866-570-7892
733455E-Refill Notifications
735537Amazon Seller Alerts 1-866-216-1072
736898SDM Alerts 1-800-746-7737
737766The Personal Mobile Application
738368Mon Dossier (Revenu Quebec)
739255Rexall Reminders 1-877-378-4100
741741Crisis Text Line
746754Simplii OTVC
747265Rogers Bank Mobile
747474IMImobile General Use
748825Ritual Delivery
753987Plexus Worldwide Alerts 1-480-998-3490
756482KFC VIP 1-866-KFC-4-YOU
756844Schering Plough Notification Service
758614TD Personal Lending1-800-983-2582
758615TD Digital Notification & Claims1-866-222-3456
758727Expedia Booking Alerts
759731Skype Alerts
762237Major League Soccer
762242Pinacle Notifications 1-800-669-1518
762411PNC Bank Fraud Alerts 1-800-685-4039
762555Rogers Rock Radio SMS
762766Snap-on Customer Alerts 1-877-762-7662
766825Transcore Notification Service
767262Bank of America Commercial Alerts
767676IMImobile General Use Short Code
769337Vail Resort Communications 1-800-842-8062
776787Raange Mobile Marketing
776836TeleSign Verification
777222Telus Appointment Management 1-800-400-2598
777555The Source VIP Alerts 1-866-515-5855
777777Raange Mobile
777888Sinch General Use Alerts
780780Walmart Canada People1-855-980-0372
782226Subaru Canada 1-800-894-4212
782782Statistic Canada Survey Reminder - Statistique Canada rappel de sondage1-877-949-9492
783552Stella & Dot Alerts
784630Dell Mobile status Alerts 1-877-719-7724
785833St. Jude SMS1-877-696-3754
786682SUNOVA 1-888-478-6682
787739City of Surrey
787839Qualtrics Survey
788728Servus Password Reset
789789Bell Canada User Name Recovery310-BELL
811811SnippCheck Image & Receipt Validation MMS/
819778STO - Horaire de passage d’autobus en temps réel
825310BC Responsible and Problem Gambling SMS 1-888-795-6111
825544Talk4Healing 1-855-554-4325
825825Hershey Canada Alerts
827222Uber Alerts
834357TDBank Customer Service
834767TD Insurance SMS 1-866-848-9744
835773SPE Channel Security
837475TD eConfirmation Customer Contact1-855-512-4204
838383TD Financial Mobile Banking
842241ICBC Alerts
842242ICBC Appointments
842538Ticketmaster Program Alerts
842767VIA Regional Updates
847248Visa Prepaid Text Alerts in Canada
852825monPortail 1-418-656-2131 ext.
862666Vocomo General Updates & Alerts
864732Tangerine Bank1-888-826-4374
864767Tangerine Bank Alerts1-888-826-4374
866243Nexmo Marketing Alerts
868372Le Directeur général des élections du Québec
869750FIS Fraud Notification SMS1-800-369-4887
872258Visa Payment
872600UQAM Notification Services
877777Non-Emergency SMS Reporting
886745Michael Hill SMS1-866-751-8337
888333Chipotle Alerts
888888Raange Client Marketing
891891IATSE 891
898475GSK Short Code 1-800-387-7374
898482InTheChat Customer Service
898622MAC Order Alerts 1-800-588-0070
898882TTC Notification Service
898989Voxtel Interactive Programs
917917The Bounce 91.7 Generic
925555KISS 92.5 Text Line
925678Walmart Canada Bank Alerts1-888-331-6133
925679WALMART MC Rewards 1-888-331-6133
927927Bell Media Saskatchewan - BIG DOG 92.7
929292CJAY 92
929929Jack 92.9 Halifax
932273Samsung Customer Support Alerts
937842GroupCast Notification Service1-800-829-0067
939393BX 93
945945Virgin Radio
949494Ottawa's New Country
952739WestJet Crew Alerts 1-877-693-7853
959959KISS FM 95.9 Text Line
960960Fan 960
967967CHYM 96.7 Kitchener
96900796.9 Jack FM
96912396.9 Jack FM Calgary 1-403-686-9809
969969CKOI Radio
975975Virgin Radio London
97797797.7 HTZ FM
978338SchoolMessenger Notification Service
98198198.1 CHFI Text Line
985985Virgin Radio Calgary
987654The Mobile Circle 
989898Ocean 98.5 FM SMS
995995K-Fun 99.5
30000035Event Notification